Bowl Cleaners


Buckeye® 2 1/2 Gal. Empty Uppercut Buddy Jug

Manufacturer #4005-0000

Buckeye® Dy-Phase™ Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

Color indicator bowl cleaner formulated with a combination of acids. Fast acting, refreshing mint fragrance. Viscous formula for surface clinging. 12 per pack USDA Listed.

Manufacturer #5255-0600

SSS® Emulsion Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

This is a powerful acid cleaner which will produce dramatic cleaning results. Use only in vitreous toilet bowls and urinals. Removes rust, lime and uric acid deposits. Use with extreme care. Fresh mint fragrance.

Manufacturer #13005

SSS® Mint Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

A 9.6% hydrochloric acid, disinfectant toilet bowl cleaner. Removes scale and hard water deposits as it disinfects toilet bowls and urinals. Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one step. Fresh mint fragrance.

Manufacturer #13003

SSS® Royal Blue Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

A 9.0% hydrochloric acid bowl cleaner for toilets, urinals, and lavatories. An excellent choice for economical daily restroom cleaning. Minty fresh fragrance.

Manufacturer #13012

Stearns® Water Flakes® Bowl Cleaner - 0.5 wt oz.

Breaks down lime scale and urinary salts with high foaming action. Professional strength, non-acid daily cleaner with a pleasant fragrance. Use one pack per bowl or urinal. NSF Category Code - C2.