Facial Tissue


Embassy® Supreme 2 Ply Facial Tissue - 100 ct.

Same quality as consumer-brand Scotties®'. Signal feature highlights when the last 10 tissues remain, reducing maintenance requirements and risk of run outs.

Manufacturer #08920

Kimberly-Clark® Kleenex® Boutique™ Tissue

Soft, strong and absorbent. Special feature lets you know when tissues are about to run out. The best image for your business. FSC® certified. 8.4" x 8.2", 2-ply.

Manufacturer #021270

Kimberly-Clark® Kleenex® White Facial Tissue - 100 ct.

Delivers premium quality, preferred for superior softness, strength and absorbency. FSC® certified. 8.4" x 8.0".

Marcal Pro™ Facial Tissue - 100 ct.

2-ply for strength as well as comfort. 8.5 x 7.5.