Floor Sweeps/Push Brooms


Carlisle Flo-Pac® Synthetic Warehouse Broom - 57", Black

Synthetic corn janitor broom. "X" shaped bristles allow for superior sweeping on carpeting and entry mats. Foam gripped wood handle. Chemical and liquid resistant bristles. Sustains temperatures to 225 degrees F.

Manufacturer #4167903

Flo-Pac® Flagged Polypropylene Fine Floor Sweeps

Soft, lightly crimped, flagged filament for sweeping dust and fine particles on smooth surfaces. All handles are sold separately. 3" trim.

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Carlisle Flo-Pac® Heavy Street Sweep - 16", 5 1/8", Brown

Durable, tough, long wearing crimped bristles. All handles sold separately. Perfect for street crews, construction, and other demanding work sites. Hardwood block.

Flo-Pac® Tampico Fine/Medium Floor Sweeps

Tampico fiber resists heat and chemicals. Available in 2 1/2" or 3" trim. All handles are sold separately. Fine/medium. Hardwood block.

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MDB Average Duty Polypropylene Sweeps

Straight polypropylene will not mat or tangle while sweeping a variety of debris. Not harmed by water, chemicals, grease, and is extremely long wearing. For medium sweeping on average surfaces. 3 1/4" trim.

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MDB Fine Duty Polypropylene Sweeps

Available in various sizes. Fine polypropylene sweeps light dust and dirt, gives extremely long wear. Careful blend of straight and crimped poly creates a superior brush. 3" bristle trim.

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MDB Speed Sweep® Heavy Duty Polypropylene Brush

Out sweeps and outwears any other brush, while resisting abrasion, grease, oil, acids, and alkalis. The straight, stiff bristles easily move heavy debris. 4" bristle trim.

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MDB Steel Back Upright Broom

11" upright broom with steel back. Excellent for warehouse and shop use. Stapled with heavy duty polypropylene. 5 1/2" trim. Handle #190500 wood or #190550 steel required.

Manufacturer #403130