Andersen Frontier Mat

3/8" thickness. No borders.


Andersen Kneeling Comfort Nitrile Rubber Base Mat

Reduces knee trauma and low back stress. Ideal for occupations that require kneeling. Will not absorb liquids. Self extinguishing. Silicone free. 7/8" thick. Built-in handle is convenient to carry and store. Cleans easily with soap and water, pressure wash or steam.

Manufacturer #433

Andersen Magna Grip Mat

Certain types of carpet-particularly very dense cut pile, commercial and plush carpet with soft padding-can lead to mats "walking". Non-skid mat underlay pads can be utilized on all floor surfaces to help prevent this situation, which can occur during normal use. This revolutionary product is used in conjunction with "Carpet Cleats" to achieve maximum performance. This product utilizes an adhesive that bonds with the carpet, keeping it in place when mats are changed out to minimize service issues.


Andersen Nosing

Ordered by the linear foot.

Manufacturer #925

Andersen Safety Scrape™ Mat

Constructed of 100% Nitrile Rubber and can be used in environments that are exposed to animal fats and petroleum products. Green friendly containing 20% recycled rubber content. The molded grip-surface face cleats effectively scrape tough dirt and grime off shoes and provide an excellent anti-slip surface. They are certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute. Available Colors: Black, Safety Green, Caution Yellow, Warning Orange, Danger Red. 1/8' Thickness. Anti-skid gripper backing.


Andersen Saf-T-Bond 024 Permanent Outdoor Adhesive

Manufacturer #926

Andersen Scrape & Drain™ - Black, 3' x 5'

Multiple drainage holes throughout. Ideal for outside entrances, locker rooms and work areas where drainage is important.

Manufacturer #455

Andersen Super Scrape™ Mat

Super-heavy, super-durable Super Scrape™ mats provide that extra degree of safety needed for those work areas where absolute traction is critical. Available Colors: Black, Safety Green, Caution Yellow, Warning Orange, Danger Red. 1/4' Thickness.

SSS® Deodorizing Toilet Floor Mat

Designed to fit around the base of all standard toilets, protecting the immediate area from unwanted drips. Charcoal color and fresh scent deodorant. 22" x 22" x .25".

Manufacturer #08086

SSS® Deodorizing Urinal Floor Mat

Charcoal colored mat designed to be used with all hanging single urinals. Impregnated with pleasant fresh scent to eliminate odors in the immediate area. 17.5" x 20.5" x .25".

Manufacturer #08085