Tolco® ClearChoice™ Soap Dispenser - 50 oz., Grey

Push bar complies with the standards of the ADA. Easy view of the soap level allows for refills on an as-needed basis to ensure there is always soap in the dispenser. No cartridges or bags to dispose of. Vitron seals provide excellent resistance to the effects of anti-bacterial soaps. Bulk soap is up to 55% more cost effective than prepackaged soaps.

Buckeye® Symmetry™ Soap Dispensers

Can use both liquid and foam soaps. This versatility ensures that one dispenser will cover all needs. In the event that repairs are needed, covers, sight windows or levers may be replaced without taking down the entire dispenser. Available in two sizes: 1250 ml and 2000 ml. ADA compliant, meeting the standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Made of ABS plastic. Dispenser has a hidden locking mechanism. Green Seal® Certified.

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Impact® ClearVu® Soap Dispenser - Gray/See-Thru

Curved design. Dispenses approximately 1 cc per stroke. Large push bar meets ADA requirements. Removable backplate. Unique water-resistant top. Hidden security key lock prevents vandalism. Accomodates liquid and lotion soaps, except pumice. 8 1/2" H x 5 1/2" W x 4 1/4" D. 46 oz. Tank.

Impact® Lotion Crank Dispenser - Tan

Manufactured of hi-impact, corrosion-resistant ABS plastic. Contains built-in reservoir for ready supply of product. 6" H x 8 1/2" W x 7 1/4" D. For 4-liter/1-gallon flat-top jug, approx. 1.4 cc per crank.

Manufacturer #1300

SSS® 3.5 L & 8 L Soap Dispenser - Gray

Ideal for high volume locations. Use either 3.5 liter or 8 liter refills.

Manufacturer #44114

SSS® 800 mL Soap Dispenser - Cream

Dispenses QSC hand and skin products from sealed 800 mL Bag-in-Box refills.

Manufacturer #44110

SSS® 800 mL Soap Dispenser - Black

Dispenses QSC hand and skin products from sealed 800 mL Bag-in-Box refills.

Manufacturer #44111

SSS® DuoClean Foam/Liquid Soap Dispensers

Features a large ADA compliant push-pad at the top of the unit and a large window to check usage levels. Dispenses 0.75 mL per use. 1000 mL.

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