Aerosol Floor Strippers


Buckeye® Base Hit™ Baseboard Stripping Gel - 23 oz.

Baseboard stripping gel removes seal and floor finish build-up from baseboards, resilient tile and hard surface flooring. Contains patented Liquescent® Delta. Contains NO butyl (2-butoxyethanol).

Manufacturer #5545-9000

SSS® Baseboard Cleaner - 18 oz.

This excellent product leaves your floor clean and ready for that new wax to be applied. Dirt and wax build up are quickly emulsified by chemical action. Easy, speedy removal. No waiting, no delay, minimum work, maximum cleaning.

Manufacturer #05298

SSS® Journey Baseboard Stripper - 16 oz.

A special high foaming floor stripper formulation developed to let chemistry do the hard work of removing years of unsightly wax and buildup. Leaves your floor ready for new wax to be applied.

Manufacturer #05054