Floor Restorers / Maintainers


Buckeye® Equity™ Spray Restorer

Ready-to-use spray restorer for buffing and burnishing. Deep cleans, builds radiant gloss. Improves finish durability.

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Buckeye® R.P.M.™ Floor Finish Enhancer - Gal.

Ultra high speed gloss finish enhancer. May be mopped on 1:4 dilution or through Autoscrubber 1:10 dilution.

SSS® Meteor UHS Restorer - Gal.

A multi-use restorer that can be mopped on or applied with an auto scrubber. Burnish when dry to restore gloss and prolong life of the finish. Concentrated.

Manufacturer #13096

SSS® Stargate Spray Buff RTU - Qt.

Designed to repair and restore finish gloss in one easy step. Use with 175 to 1500 RPM equipment as part of a spray buff maintenance program. Prolongs the life of the finish. Ready to use.

Manufacturer #13091