Hand, Scrub, & Utility Pads


Tolco® Swivel Pad Holder w/Universal Locking Collar

Features "all direction" swivel action. Universal locking collar accepts 15/16" tapered handle or threaded handle. Hooked base holds 4" x 10" cleaning pads. Blue.

Manufacturer #280137

Glit® 88E Ultra Duty Pot & Pan Pad

Hand-size, very abrasive scouring pad made for the toughest jobs, as well as those hard-to-clean areas. 3 1/2" x 5".

Manufacturer #20961

Impact® Threaded Pad Holders

Built-in teeth on base accepts 4 1/2" x 10" cleaning pads. Permits swivel action in all directions for hard-to-reach areas. Gray; 3 5/8" W x 9 1/2" L. Accepts 15/16" handle.

Manufacturer #2000

Scrubble® 400 Series Scrubber - 50g, Box

Available in "300" & "400" Series. FDA & USDA accepted.

SSS® #49A White Light Duty Hand Pad - 6" x 9"

Designed for fine surfaces. Perfect for cleaning stainless steel, vinyl, chrome, plastic, porcelain, china and fixtures. EarthCare® Certified.

Manufacturer #31425

SSS® #96 Green Medium Duty Hand Pad - 6" x 9"

General purpose cleaning pad. Ideal for scrubbing pots, pans, countertops and cleaning dishes. EarthCare® Certified.

Manufacturer #31426

SSS® Brown Heavy Duty Pad - 4.5" x 10"

Manufacturer #31447

SSS® White Pad - #041, Light Duty

Pads and pad holders are designed for a variety of cleaning tasks.