Cut Mop Heads


SSS® 4-Ply Cotton Sta-Flat Cut End Wet Mops

Economical medium-duty, cut-end mop for most industrial applications. Excellent for use on a wide variety of floors and job applications.

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SSS® 4-Ply Cotton Wet Mops

Availabe 1 1/4", 5", Sta-Flat and with fantail. Economical medium-duty mopping for most industrial applications. Designed for use for a wide variety of floors and jobs. 100% cotton. Light twist for moderate absorbency.

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SSS® 4-Ply Cut-End Rayon Wet Mops w/Fantail

Fast absorption and quick controlled release. Constructed with bright white, 4-ply rayon yarn. Expertly apply fi nish or germicide. Minimal linting. Rayon is fast drying and mildew resistant. Ideal for use in food service or healthcare situations.

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SSS® 4-Ply Rayon Cut-End Wet Mops

For light to medium-duty mopping. Great for use with germicides or floor finish. Bright white. Full ounce weight.

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SSS® 4-Ply Rayon Sta-Flat Wet Mops

Constructed with bright white 4 ply rayon yarn. Expertly apply finish or germicide. Rayon is fast drying and mildew resistant.

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SSS® Value Cut-End Rayon Wet Mop - 1 1/4" Band, 16 oz.

Available in rayon and cotton.

SSS® Value Plus Blend Color Mops

Economical mops effectively removes soils. Excellent for color coding by use of area. 1 1/4" headband.

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SSS® Value Plus Cut-End Rayon Mops

The economical choice for light to medium mopping. Cut end construction. Wide headband.

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