Nobles® Strive Rider™ Extractor w/ReadySpace® - 28"

Excellent cleaning performance with both ReadySpace® and deep extraction technologies. Brush Motor: (2) 0.54 hp. Batteries: 24V, 335AH. 61.5" L x 31.5" W x 52" H.

Manufacturer #9001690

Advance AquaClean® 12ST Self Contained Extractor - 12"

The perfect choice for small area carpet cleaning needs. A single spray jet technology used will cover a 12" cleaning path without leaving streaks or clogging. 1.2 hp, 2 stage vacuum motor, 1/4 hp brush motor. 5 gallon solution, 4 gallon recovery tank. 85" waterlift.

Manufacturer #265300

Advance AquaClean® Carpet Extractors

Self contained extractor. CRI Deep Cleaning Seal of Approval, with Single Jet technology. Large fill opening for hose or bucket. Single spray jet technology. Flow Rate Rest. Mode: 0.7 gpm @ 60 psi. 1.5 hp, 3 stage vacuum motor, 1/3 hp brush motor.

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Advance AquaClean® 16XP & 18FLX Carpet Extractors

Carpet extraction and spotting/upholstery machine in one with integrated hand tool. Aerodynamically engineered vacuum shoe for improved water recovery and faster dry times. Adjustable handles for comfort. Typical applications include: Commercial office space, retail and malls, hospitality and gaming, restaurants, government facilities, healthcare, education. Smart Solutions™ DCM Dual Cleaning Mode technology is available on this extractor for fast dry times, reducing the cost to clean, increasing productivity. Flow Rate Rest. Mode: 0.7 gpm @ 60 psi. 1.5 hp, 3 stage vacuum motor, 1/3 hp brush motor.

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Advance Aquamatic Selectric™ Self-Propelled Extractor

Set your speed, squeeze the hand grips and the Selectric power scrubs and vacuums an 18" path, extracting at a rate of 6,750 sq. ft./hr. Compact size and self-propelling drive makes the Selectric easy to maneuver. The low profile makes it easy for operators to see what they're maneuvering around. 115v. 46"L x 21"W x 39"H.

Advance AquaPLUS™ & AquaPLUS™ w/AXP

The new AquaPLUS™ and AquaPLUS™ AXP™ battery-powered walk-behind carpet extractors feature Advance's patented LIFT™ low-moisture technology for a clean that is CRI-certified. AquaPLUS extractors meet CRI seal of approval standards for soil removal and dry times in both LIFT and deep-cleaning restoration mode, giving you the confidence that your carpets will be truly clean and ready to use fast. AquaPLUS extractors with LIFT (Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time, True cleaning) feature a patented spray system for faster dry times. Dual 3 stage bypass vacuum motor. Dual 1/2 hp permanent magnet brush motor.

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Advance AquaPro™ Portable Extractors

A 14 gallon solution tank makes it large enough to get the job done, but compact for ease of maneuvering and transporting. Some ideal applications include: contract cleaners, educational facilities, office buildings, hotels and motels, health care facilities, airports, government buildings. 36" L x 17" W x 38" H.

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Advance AquaRide® SE Rider Sweeper/Extractors

Compact size, open field of vision with ClearView™ sight lines and simple One-Touch™ controls make the AquaRide® SE and AXP easy to maneuver in congested areas. Available in on-board AXP™ detergent system. This system accurately dispenses detergent at manufacturers' recommended dilution ratios without waste. A magnetic control on the AXP™ detergent cartridge allows for the required dilution ratios to be pre-set. The correct amount of detergent is than mixed with clean water at the time the solution is applied to the carpet, allowing for effective and efficient cleaning results. The high-production choice for: Airports, hospitals/health care facilities, schools & universities, government buildings & installations, shopping malls, casinos, office buildings, hotels, convention centers. Designed to improve productivity, reduce operator fatigue and eliminate vacuuming by sweeping and extracting in one pass. Brush Length: 28".

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CFR® ECO-500AW Recycling Extractor - 10 Gal., Complete

Portable upright extractors equip carpet cleaning professionals with all of the tools required to achieve contractor-grade, deep-cleaning results. These ten-gallon workhorses are designed to meet a multitude of cleaning demands, and are equipped with all-new advanced technology, high-efficiency air-watt motors for increased cleaning performance. Provides superior flexibility for smaller spaces, portability, and tackles virtually any cleaning task including restorative carpet care, stairs, upholstery, fabric office partitions, and even hard surfaces with grouted tile. With convenient, cost-effective, disposable filters, it is perfect for cleaning crews on the go. Unique rapid recovery process controls moisture, sprays, cleans and recovers all in one step. Electric heater: 110V 1650W; Pump motor: 1/4 HP DC. Vac motor: Single, 6.6 dia AW; Peak Airwatts: 673. CFM: 141; Power Cord: Two 25' detachable.

Nobles® EX-CAN-15HPH Canister Extractors

Portable low and adjustable pressure canister carpet extractors make quick work in tight areas. Pick the model that meets your cleaning needs. Prevent over-wetting with an adjustable water pressure unit with built-in heater to increase cleaning power or choose the standard 100 psi model. Get quick, easy access to working parts with the convenient clamshell design. Strong and robust construction means years of dependable use. Solution tank: 15 gal., recovery tank: 19 gal.

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Nobles® EX-SC-1020P Self-Contained Extractor - 20"

This extractor employs manual push operation and allows the operator to clean carpet faster than a traditional "pull back" extractor. Vacuum motor: 1.8 hp, 3-stage. Water lift at sealed orifice: 137". Power Cord: 75', 16 gauge, safety yellow.

Manufacturer #9007480

Nobles® EX-SC-412 Self-Contained Extractor - 10.5"

The lift-off recovery tank on this extractor lets the operator empty the tank into a drain or sink with ease. Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp, 2-stage. Water lift at sealed orifice: 91.5". Power Cord: 25', 16 gauge.

Manufacturer #9007478

Nobles® Falcon™ 2800 Plus

22" path with 5,000 sq. ft./hr. coverage rate. Brush Motor: 1200 rpm. 42.75" H x 51" L x 22" W.

Manufacturer #608352

Nobles® Power Eagle™ 1020 Plus Extractor

Great for small and medium sized areas. Drop down hose for easy emptying, a solenoid valve that prevents drips & simple controls for easy use. 10 gallon expansion cavity; 14.5 gallon recovery tank. 100 psi; 137" waterlift. Covers up to 2,600 sq ft/hr.

Manufacturer #1002556

Nobles® Power Eagle™ 716

16" path with 2,000 sq. ft./hr. coverage rate. Brush Motor: 1800 rpm. 4 jets/100 psi. 34" H x 39" L x 16" W.

Manufacturer #608543

Nobles® Speed EX™ Self-Contained Extractor - 5 Gal.

Deep clean in one pass thanks to dirt-lifting, double-tuft brush and powerful extraction system. Easily reach into tight spaces with ultra low-profile design. Solution/recovery tanks: 5 Gal./5Gal. Vacuum motor: 1.2 hp. 10.8 amps, 120V, 1300 watts.

Manufacturer #9004201

Nobles® Strive® Compact Cord-Electric Carpet Cleaner-15"

With ReadySpace®. Easily reach and clean tight areas with forward and reverse cleaning action, low-profile body, and Insta-Adjust™ handle. Solution/Recovery Tanks: 5 Gal./5Gal. Roller motor power (2 motors): .3 hp. 11 amps, 120V, 1320 watts.

Manufacturer #9004202

Nobles® Strive™ Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner

ReadySpace™ technology removes soil before it becomes deeply embedded, leaving carpets cleaner over time and making extraction easier. Carpets cleaned with the Strive's ReadySpace® technology are dry and ready for foot traffic in less than 30 minutes. 42" H x 60" L x 28" W. 21 gallon solution and recovery tanks.

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SSS® Bobcat 10 Carpet Extractor - 16"

Compact design, easy to maneuver. 16" cylindrical brush to deep clean carpet. Simple, easy-to-use controls. 4 twist lock spray jets. Solution tank: 10 gal.; Recovery tank: 7 gal. Cleaning path: 16"; Pump type/Pump PSI: 100 PSI pump. Vacuum motor: 3-stage; Vacuum size: 5.7.

Manufacturer #86025

Tornado® Marathon 2000 Carpet Extractor

Rugged intelligent design, setting new standards for carpet extractors. 1-3 stage vacuum motor. Solution/recovery tank: 20 gal./20 gal.

Manufacturer #98190

Tornado® Marathon 800 & 1200 Portable Extractors

These brush-assisted units lay solution in the carpet, agitate with a cleaning brush, and vacuum-recover the resulting dirty water thoroughly in one pass. Versatile and easy to use - Whether used in an office or classroom, hallway or lobby, the marathon 800 and 1200 leave behind clean carpets. These units were designed with ease of use in mind and is an operator favorite. Power: 115V/60 Hz. 36" H x 20" W x 38.5" D. 2 HP vac motor. 99 cfm; 117" static water lift.

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Tornado® Marathon Carpetrinser Upright Extractors

Whether you're a certified carpet technician or a carpet cleaning specialist, you will appreciate the features of Tornado's® complete line of professional grade portable carpet extractors designed for daily, interim or deep restoration cleaning. Available in 100 p.s.i. without heat, 200 p.s.i. with heat and 400 p.s.i. with Perfect Heat, you can clean everything from heavily soiled carpets to drapes and upholstery. All models are lightweight with a low center-of-gravity bladder system and include user-friendly, waist high control switches to accommodate operators of all sizes. Constructed of durable rotationally molded polyethylene, this unit reflects Tornado's commitment to design standards that will endure the rigors of daily use. Dual 2-stage 1.6 hp motor. Pump protection filters.

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Tornado® Mini-Marathon 425 Carpet Extractor - 13"

Quiet, lightweight self-contained carpet extractor. Clean small areas faster and easier. High performance 2-stage, 1.6 hp vacuum motor. 4.25 solution tank with large fill area. 4 gallon recovery tank, perfect for cleaning small areas. 112 cfm, 107" water lift, 60 psi pump, 20' extension cord.

Manufacturer #98150