Entrance Wiper


Andersen Clean Stride Indoor Mat

Available in two version, Carpet/Rubber frame with adhesive insert and Rubber frame only with adhesive insert. Highly effective dirt and dust removal methods for factories, computer rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, healthcare facilities and more. The clean stride adhesive insert is comprised of 60 layers of adhesive coated film. Each layer will perform many times before it must be peeled away. Each layer is numbered to ensure one sheet at a time removal and to indicate the number of layers remaining. Not recommended for wet areas. Red/Black.

Andersen ColorStar® Crunch Indoor Wiper Mat

Extra coarse solution-dyed nylon fibers in combination with traditional solution-dyed fibers create excellent scraping and wiping action for maximum soil stopping power. Earth-friendly SBR rubber backing has 20% post-consumer recycled rubber content. 3/8" thickness. Call for pricing, sizes and colors.

Andersen ColorStar™ Solution-Dyed 100% SBR Rubber Mat

Our ColorStar mat features solution dyed nylon yarn. Solution Dyed nylon yarn offers superior color fastness and resistance to UV exposure. In addition to these benefits, these mats have a built-in anti-static feature to provide permanent protection against harmful static electricity. Face: Tufted textile, 20 ozs./sy. 3/8" Pile height. Tight 2-ply-twist 100% solution-dyed nylon filament. 100% SBR Rubber.

Andersen Enviro Plus® Wiper Mat

The most environmentally friendly interior wiper mat available today. It is constructed of 100% recycle PET face fiber and a 100% recycled rubber backing. Overall recycle content is 89% by product weight. Ideal for use for wear protection and spill control down hallways, at water fountains, break areas and reception areas. Diamond Weave pattern.


Andersen Masterpiece™ Gold Mat

The Waterhog™ Masterpiece™ Gold combines beauty and durability. Its innovative design is engineered so it scrapes dirt and water off feet from all traffic angles, and it looks great as well. Our original design holds dirt and water beneath shoe level, preventing dirt and moisture from tracking. And like all other Waterhog™ products, Masterpiece™ Gold is easy to maintain and clean. Plus, you can choose from our line of refreshing colors that complement any indoor environment. Face: Molded reinforced tufted textile, 36 ozs./sy weight. 100% Guardian 10 BCF Polypropylene. 1/4" Pile height; SBR Rubber backing.

Andersen Tri-Grip

The Tri-Grip™ is the highest quality tufted nylon-on-rubber mat designed for high-traffic areas with heat-set, Ultra-Twist™, nylon-yarn construction that traps moisture and dirt before they're tracked on the floor or carpet. Face: Tufted Textile, 18 ozs/sy. Tight two-ply-twist 100% Nylon Filament. 3/8" Pile height. SBR Rubber.

Andersen Tri-Grip™ Indoor Mat

Heavy, 100% static dissipative nylon face offers outstanding absorption and durability. Tight, heat-set, Ultra-Twist™ yarn construction resists packing and crushing. Dirt filters into the mat rather than remaining on top. Green friendly rubber backing has 10%-15% recycled content. Resists curling and cracking. Certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.