Advance Terra® 26M Walk-Behind Push Sweeper - 26"

With dual main brooms, dual side brooms, and a 26" wide sweeping path, it offers outstanding sweeping performance, picking up debris. Average Productivity: 28,600 ft2/hr. Hopper Capacity: 1.2 ft3. Side Brooms: Dual 10"; Main Brooms: Dual 17.7".

Manufacturer #9084802010

Advance Terra® 28B Walk-Behind Sweeper

Superior pickup on hard and soft floors. Side broom eliminates the need for edge cleaning after sweeping. Compact and easy to maneuver. Main broom/traction motor: 0.3 hp. Side broom motor: 0.05 hp. Vacuum fan: 0.07 hp.

Manufacturer #9084702010

Advance Terra® 3700B Multi-Surface Rider Sweepers

Typical Applications Include: Schools and universities, healthcare facilities, retail, manufacturing facilities, warehouse/distribution, municipal facilities, stadiums and arenas. Features a 37" sweep path with standard dual side brooms for left or right side edging. Exterior is rotationally molded out of heavy-duty polyethylene. 49.5" L x 31.5" W x 46" H. 24V system, (2) 12V batteries (onboard battery charger). Main Broom Sweep Path: 24".

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Advance Terra® 4300B Compact Rider Sweepers

Offers increased productivity over walk-behind sweepers with its great maneuverability combined with a 43" sweep path that can cover up to 48,840 square feet/hour. Can sweep both sides of a 48" aisle or hallway, and is designed for use both indoors and out, on hard floors, low-nap carpet and sidewalks. The sweeper's tight 51.5" turning radius allows it to easily maneuver in narrow, congested areas, making it the ideal sweeper for departmental cleaning. Rugged and robust to meet the demands of today's tough industrial cleaning applications. Constructed of polyethylene with a steel frame. Tools-free removable brooms and filter for ease of use and minimal downtime. Sweep path: 43". Drive Motor: 0.8 hp.

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Advance Terra™ 132B Walk Behind Sweeper - 32", 238AH

For sweeping inside a warehouse or sweeping outside your facility, this sweeper is the fastest, most reliable way to keep an area clean. Main Broom: 24"x10.5"; Side Broom: 14". Motor: 600 watts. Two 6v, 238AH.

Manufacturer #102248

Advance Terra™ 132B Walk Behind Sweeper - 32", 180AH

For sweeping inside a warehouse or sweeping outside your facility, this sweeper is the fastest, most reliable way to keep an area clean. Main Broom: 24"x10.5"; Side Broom: 14". Motor: 600 watts. Two 6v, 180AH.

Manufacturer #56102682

Advance VacRide™ 3400 Rider Vacuum

The dual motors and HEPA filters provide better dirt pickup and filtration than carpet sweepers and other rider vacuums. Dual HEPA filters protect indoor air quality. Dual vacuum motors provide superior suction and dirt pick up. Dual brushes thoroughly clean all types of carpet. A single button engages "quiet mode", allowing daytime cleaning at 64 dBA. 28" vacuum deck with standard side broom and 34" cleaning path provides better productivity than a standard wide-area vacuum. Brush Type: dual cylindrical. Maximum Coverage per hour: 46,675 ft2.

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Nobles® Scout 24™ Vacuum/Sweeper - 24", 42AH

Scout 24™ can clean twice the space of a wide-area vacuum and four times the area of standard uprights. 37" L x 23.75" W x 37.5" H (operation - handle). 42 AH sealed maintenance free battery. On-board 12 volt charger.

Manufacturer #614213

Nobles® Scout™ 28 Automatic Sweeper - 28", 105AH

CRI Green Label Approved Scout™ 28. Sweeper's body has been redesigned to provide a sleek appearance. Comes with 1 battery (105 amp hours, 12 volt). Deluxe automatic charger included. 3-wheel turning system & fingertip controls.

Manufacturer #611680

Tomcat® 34 HD Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

All-steel, and use oversized components throughout. Top quality componentry, hefty fabrications, oversized motors, and nearly 100% stainless steel fasteners. Has heavy duty bumper and wider tires than standard model. Direct throw sweeping method. Drive Power: 1.0 hp; Cleaning width: 33".

Manufacturer #34T

Tomcat® TR Ride On Floor Sweeper

A compact rider sweeper, but with the performance of sweepers twice its size. A maneuverable sweeper, with good visibility. All steel construction. Onboard charger is fully automatic, charge at any outlet. Able to sweep up sand, fine powders, leaves, rocks, nails. Drive Power: 2.0 hp, Cleaning width: 48".

Manufacturer #349-TC

Tornado® SWB 26/8 Walk-Behind Batter Sweeper

Fast, efficient sweeping for hard and soft floors. Moves effortlessly between carpet and hard floors. Batteries: 24V; Cleaning path: 26"; Capacity: 9 gal. Dust control: filter; Filtration level: 3 micron @ 99.7%. Dimensions: 32" L x 28" W x 24" H; Weight: 124 lbs.

Manufacturer #96210

Tornado® SWM 31/9 Manual Sweeper

Pick up everything including metal shavings, nails, paper, leaves, and even packaging material. Light and compact, you can move from area to area with ease. Cleaning path: 31"; Capacity: 9 Gal. Sweeping System: Single brush and side brush. Drive: Manual forward and reverse belt drive system.

Manufacturer #96190