Industrial Cleaners / Degreasers


Buckeye® Ram™ Heavy-Duty Cleaner Degreaser

Removes animal and petroleum greases, fats and oils from hard surfaces. Multiple dilutions for multiple application methods. Green Seal® Certified.

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Buckeye® ShopMaster FF® Foam-Free Degreaser - 55 Gal.

ShopMaster FF® Foam-Free Enclosed System Degreaser is a non-foaming, low pH degreaser designed for high pressure, high temperature spray systems. Contains no silicates. Safe on non-ferrous materials.

Manufacturer #5777-8000

Buckeye® Shopmaster® Degreaser

Available in various sizes. Formulated for heavy-duty industrial cleaning and degreasing. Safe for all metals when diluted. Contains no hazardous ingredients as defined by OSHA. Contains patented Liquescent® Alpha.

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Buckeye® Workout® Cleaner/Degreaser - 18 oz.

The muscle cleaner. Aerosol heavy duty cleaner/degreaser. Contains patented Liquescent® Beta. Contains NO butyl (2-butoxyethanol).

Manufacturer #5549-9000

Buckeye® Workout® Cleaner/Degreaser - 75 Ct. Wipes

The muscle cleaner. Heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser. Ready-to-use. Contains patented Liquescent® Beta.

Manufacturer #5007-0200

Buckeye® Workout® Cleaner/Degreaser - Qt.

The muscle cleaner. Heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser. Ready-to-use. Contains patented Liquescent® Beta.

Manufacturer #5007-0600

Buckeye® Workout® Cleaner/Degreaser - 5 Gal. Box

The muscle cleaner. Heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser. Ready-to-use. AP-5 Gallon Bag in a Box. Contains patented Liquescent® Beta.

Manufacturer #5007-5000

Buckeye® XL-100 Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

Tough, fast-acting cleaner. USDA Listed. Excellent on equipment and concrete surfaces. Contains patented Liquescent® Gamma.

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SSS® 2nd Shift Heavy Duty Industrial Degreaser

Heavy duty low foam formula for cleaning tough greasy soils. Versatile. No solvent concentrate.

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SSS® Atlas Multi-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser - Gal.

High performance multi-purpose cleaner. Cleans, degreases, brightens and deodorizes. Effective on oil and water-based soils. Environmentally preferred. Green Seal® Certified and EarthCare® Certified.

Manufacturer #13135

SSS® Citrapeel All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser - 19 oz.

High foaming all-purpose cleaner/degreaser formulated with an organic extract. 100% biodegradable. Aerosol.

Manufacturer #05178

SSS® Orange Plus Hydro Citrus Degreaser

Natural citrus solvent with d-Limonene, detergents and emulsifiers. Provides effective degreasing-cleaning and a lingering citrus scent.

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SSS® Scotty Industrial All-Purpose Degreaser

A non-butyl, solvent-free industrial degreaser. Low odor formula. Readily emulsifies oily, greasy soils. Economical concentrate.

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SSS® Shop Clean High Powered Degreaser

Super heavy-duty emulsifying industrial cleaner degreaser. Can be diluted.

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SSS® Speed Clean RTU Cleaner/Degreaser - Qt.

Spray cleaner and degreaser. It can be used on many hard surfaces and quickly penetrates and dissolves dirt, oil, grease and more. Butyl based cleaner.

Manufacturer #13018

SSS® Steadfast Cleaner & Degreaser - Gal.

Water-based solvent, user friendly. Multi-purpose, economical, fewer products to inventory. Controlled foaming properties, less wiping. Nonflammable, safe to use on machinery. Free rinsing, saves labor and time.

Manufacturer #13183

TRUEKLEEN Activ 800 Spontaneous Emulsifier - 55 Gal.

A highly concentrated cleaner/degreaser made especially for heavy duty industrial cleaning. The formula is so unique that it has been granted a patent for its synergistic action. Contains no butyl or other volatile or chlorinated solvents. Use for removal of greasy, oily, waxy soil from washable surfaces. May be used with conventional mop and bucket application, automatic scrubbers, pressure washers, steam cleaning, spray cleaning, and soak tanks or ultrasonics.


TRUEKLEEN Mandarin Magic Cleaner/Degreaser - Gal.

Organic orange solvent cleaner/degreaser. Contains no petroleum solvents but is emulsified d-limonene citrus solvent. Dissolves grease and oil. Removes the source of foul odors. Emits a pleasant citrus fragrance. Fast acting. 4 per case.

Manufacturer #ODSG4