Bar Soap


Dial® Unwrapped Antibacterial Deodorant Bar - 2 1/2 Size

Provides long lasting deodorant protection. Ideal for healthcare or industrial settings. Thick, rich lather that invigorates and reenergizes the senses.

Manufacturer #00098

Dove® Bath Soap - 4.25 oz., Unscented

#1 Dermatologist recommended cleanser. Non-soap formula with 1/4 cleansing cream. Milder to the skin than any other soap. Non-irritating, unique moisture cream formula.

Manufacturer #2979380

WD-40® Lava® Bar - 4 oz.

The original Lava bar contains pumice, the same dirt and grime-fighting ingredient that's been used since 1893. Easy on hands. Tough on dirt, paint, adhesives, caulk. Use on pretty much anything that gets on hands.

Manufacturer #10384